How can I make my garden cosy?

The winter has been tough on the garden and as temperatures begin to creep upwards, the mind naturally starts to look towards warmer days enjoying your outdoor space. But, as the wind and rain has taken its toll, it may be time to make your garden more comfortable by investing in some important items to create a more attractive and cosy area to retreat to with friends and family. 

Once boundary fencing has been checked and replaced, here comes the exciting task of creating or accessorising an area in the garden that you will be proud to sit and relax within. Here are some cosy garden ideas or ways you can create a more relaxing sanctuary.


Garden decking can be a cost-effective way to create a zoned off area outside. This can provide a smooth surface as a base for a multitude of items and has many applications such as a place for a small pond, under a pergola or a play area for children.

Wood boasts a naturally rustic appearance and therefore timber decking blends in beautifully to many gardens. It also lends itself to colouration, if you wanted to create a theme by painting decking in your preferred colour.
Whilst being affordable decking also lasts a long time and is low maintenance. It can take heavy weight and is often supplied pressure treated to resist rot and decay so you can sit back and enjoy garden on your timber platform.

Garden Structures

A garden structure offers a way to nicely define your area of relaxation in the garden. In fact many people see a Gazebo or Pergola as the focal point of their garden where you go to reflect on the day or spend time with the family on a sunny afternoon.

It is also often a shelter space where you are protected from the elements so you can relax knowing that a short rain shower isn't going to disturb you in your favourite spot in the garden. For Gazebo options please take a look at our Gazebo section where you will find a wide range a structure options for your garden.

A structure also provides an opportunity to accessorise your entertaining area to create the ambience you want. For example, climbing plants and garden lighting can be used very effectively on structures to add extra cosiness to a summer evening.

Water Features

A water feature can add a calming influence to your garden and make you feel more relaxed but there are also some other advantages to a water feature. Water features mask out other noises around you, such as a busy main road or noisy neighbours. As well as this they also attract wildlife to the garden. For example, birds need fresh clean water for drinking as well as preening. Therefore, the flowing water of a feature is likely to have a positive influence on your garden, making it more enjoyable for everyone who visits.


It is fair to say that plants bring out the best in people, with memory and concentration said to improve whilst in the presence of plants. Therefore, the calming influence of nature can make you feel more relaxed and is a great way to add cosiness to your garden, especially when used in close proximity to a seating area.
Furthermore, plants naturally improve air quality and reduce noise pollution, so for health and well-being reasons, plants are a must have for your garden whether you have climbing plants or planters dotted around your decking area or patio.


Garden lighting whether solar or electric does a great job of illuminating your outdoor living space. As well as this, lighting can be used to highlight your plants and decor in the garden to create a different mood for the evening. The effect you get from the solar lights, fairy lights and spotlights all create warmth and ambience, which results in a more cosy and comfortable feeling. These days, you don't have to spend the earth to achieve a truly eye-catching light illumination for your garden.


You may have a tired looking fencing run but not be able to replace the run with new decorative fencing. If so, decorative screening is a great option, that will cost much less and give you a fresh look to your garden by securing these to your fencing. Willow or Bamboo screening is widely available, is also hard-wearing and gives the garden an exotic feel.



Furniture is our favourite subject and often the finishing touch to make the most comfortable of outdoor retreats . But what furniture you buy, whether rattan effect garden furniture or garden relaxer chairs, often depends on how you use your outdoor space.

Relaxing in the sun You may wish to top up the tan in the sun on relaxing garden chairs? Check out the Deluxe Garden Sunbed for ultimate comfort whilst sun bathing.

Drinks in the garden If you want enjoy cold drinks and ta pas in the evening sun then take a look at the Rattan Effect Lounge Sofa and Table Set with an integrated ice tray for keeping those beverages cold.

Snoozing outdoors If you like to take a nap in the fresh air but also want something multi-­functional, then check out the Rattan Effect Sofa Bed Lounger Grey, which can be used as an outdoor day bed as well as outdoor sofa.

Dining with friends Dining alfresco style is very popular and it's important to make guests feel as comfortable as possible. The Rattan Effect Round Dining Set is ideal for dining in luxury.


Outdoor cushions offer a fantastic opportunity to accessorise your outdoor living space. A simple upgrade by replacement garden furniture cushions can be a cost effective way to give you garden a new lease of life! You may also have a wooden or metal bench that could do with that extra comfort of a cushion. Additionally, you could simply accessorise current furniture with scatter cushions that add colour and zest to your garden space.

At the Garden Furniture Shop we offer many types of outdoor cushions, which are all made from high quality polyester fibre that prevents water retention, which speeds up drying time if left in the rain.

Check out the full range here. This includes, garden seat cushions, recliner cushions, sunbed cushions, two seater bench cushions, three seater bench cushions and outdoor scatter cushions. The range offers many colours and designs to pick from.

If you need a bespoke sized cushions e.g. replacement cushions for rattan garden furniture, that’s no problem - simply call us on 0845 054 3811 for a quote.

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