What type of Gazebo should I buy?

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Pergolas and Gazebos are among the favourite garden structure options for use in Britain's gardens. These are often used as a dining area, a lounge room or a peaceful retreat where climbing flowers and plants can be enjoyed. There is a growing need to use the outdoor space as an extension of the home. In the last couple of years temperatures have increased in spring and summer, meaning more time has been spent outside. As a result outdoor living themes are certainly popular in the UK and structures with roofs such as Gazebo's are becoming more popular, especially solid roof structures that shelter you from the sun and unexpected rain showers. 

Solid Roof Gazebo's are a great option for UK gardens as it enables you to enjoy your garden even when the weather isn't at its best. Solid roofs also add strength to a structure and is more likely to withstand high winds than a fabric roof gazebo, which we would advise to store away over the winter months in order to avoid damage to them. Plus, they are permanent meaning you only need to build your Gazebo once. 

Choosing the right material for your Gazebo is a major consideration. The maintenance needed and your budget are two big factors when choosing the type of garden Gazebo, but sometimes it is just your personal taste of what material you would prefer to suit your outdoor space.


Metal Gazebos

Metal Gazebos are often the popular choice and range from pop-up party metal Gazebos with sides and covers to more permanent Gazebos with side curtains and water resistant fabric roofs. Aluminium framed Gazebos are a very good option as this is a lightweight metal, easily assembled and more resistant to rust than metals such as steel. Like timber, metal Gazebos can easily be fixed to the ground, with fixing plates usually supplied. However, unlike timber, metal structures are maintenance free, they can last for years and there is no need for annual treatment. Metal Gazebos are often a great option for summer parties as most are easily assembled and come flat packed for easy storage after use. View our range of Metal Gazebos

In recent years permanent metal Gazebos with solid roof's have become available. This means you can have the best of both worlds - A waterproof Gazebo that you can shelter under and a 100% maintenance free product that looks the same for years and that will be strong enough to withstand stormy weather. These models sometimes are available with matching colour curtains which gives you a modern solution for the extension of the house in the garden.

Timber Gazebos

Timber is often the choice for a permanent gazebo with the traditional bandstand structures made from wood being a traditional option often preferred. Timber is a durable and strong material that is usually supplied treated against rot and decay. With timber there is usually an annual maintenance needed to retreat the timber to ensure ongoing protection and to stop the wood from fading in colour. Timber can also be painted to your most preferred colour for your outdoor area. Installation is usually straight forward but you may need help due to the weight of the wood. As timber is durable it is easy to attach to differing surfaces such as decking or concrete. In the summer the timber uprights may get shakes, which are small splits in the wood where it has dried quickly. These are not normally harmful to the strength of the structure but it is often mistaken as a fault and they do not look very attractive.

Concrete Based Gazebos

Concrete Gazebo structures tend to be for the larger budget. This type of Gazebo is more specialist, bespoke and often a professional tradesman will be required to build. The concrete columns are often twinned with a timber frame roof and tiles used to ensure water doesn't leak through. This is seen as the ideal option as it is the strongest possible option, however the downside is that if you want to change the area in years to come it will be expensive to remove needing further professional services.

The Garden Furniture Shop Choice

If you are looking for a stronger all-year round Gazebo with a contemporary design then we would recommend that you take a look at the Polycarbonate Gazebo.  This model is a permanent grey garden Gazebo with a maintenance free robust powder coated strong aluminium metal construction by the Garden Furniture Shop. As its available in 3 sizes it will fit into all outdoor spaces and it comes at a competitive price from £599.99.

We are specialists in garden furniture, rattan effect garden furniture and garden chair cushions. No matter what material you use, it is important that you make sure Gazebo's are assembled correctly and fixed to the ground securely. If you have any question's we would be happy to help you further, please call us on 0845  054 3811.

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